Crochet, Frayed Tatters and Sequins

imageI have been working with combinations of freeform crochet and distressed fabric pieces for some time now and more recently I have started incorporating beads and sequins as in the above piece.

I have always loved the idea of using beads and sequins with the surety that I will at some point add them to the materials I habitually use.  However for a long time I avoided starting as I saw it as yet another technique to have to practise extensively before feeling that the results are good enough.  It would seem simple enough to just add this form of decoration without too much thought, but actually when faced with vast ranges of beads and sequins to select from, it is quite overwhelming to select the perfect choice for each project.

Anyway I felt it was time to take the plunge and I can see that I will need a lot of experimentation before I know how to use them in a way that I feel happy with.  However I am confident that including them will really help me to start achieving the more fantastical aesthetic I am aiming towards.

Lourdes x

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