Crochet and Autumn Colours


Crocheting a medallion to make into a brooch for cuff in autumnal colours.  I love the velvet background!


Fabric scraps were selected in autumn colour scheme.  The fact that the scraps are in tatters is also somehow reminiscent of fallen leaves.  When I am able to or it makes sense to do so, it is very rewarding to take inspiration from the current season.


The fabric scraps were stitched around a padded velvet circle for the crochet medallion to be fastened to.  I quite like the idea of a padded pin cushion-type shape as a brooch! I may even make some pin cushions using this idea, or would the crochet be annoying, getting in the way of the pins? I guess there’s only one way to find out and that’s by trying one out!

Love Lourdes x


2 responses to “Crochet and Autumn Colours

  1. Its lovely, the colours blend so well – it reminds me of a dreamcatcher.

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