Camisole in Progress


I am experimenting with ways of building up sections of fabric to form garments.  I really like the idea of allowing a piece of clothing to emerge from the combinations of shapes; it seems somewhat magical and as if the work has an intelligence of it’s own!  Perhaps it just suits my personality to work in an unpredictable way!  The photo above has had the colours enhanced which has made the colours bolder and like the vibrancy of a watercolour or ink painting.


Here the colours are faithful to the actual piece.  However I quite like to play around with the editing as new possibilities become apparent and the whole mood can be altered.


This is a close-up photo of white silk dupion which has frayed holes in it, it may be hard to see but in places the stitches cover some of the holes creating areas which are lace-like.


Here the contrast between areas which include embellishment and areas where the fabrics are held together with simple stitching and left plain is shown.  I really like the look of ‘construction in progress’ that is suggested by the lines of tacking-type stitches.

This is yet another work in progress!

Lourdes x


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