Subtle Changes


My samples are usually quite small so I thought it would be a good idea to try something a bit bigger and also to test my stamina! I started by hand stitching some patches of fabric together.  I am still inspired by the purple tulip colour scheme, but I’ve also added white satin, some beige fabric and a satin and chiffon print.



I started by stitching the white satin and this took some time! This fabric was salvaged from a pair of satin pyjamas that I had for years and really is quite worn! However combined with rows of small stitches, it creates a very pleasing dimpled texture, which I really like, I’m pleased because I wasn’t convinced that it would be good for much!

I think that when working with fabrics it is important to develop an eye for subtlety, as even a whisper of variation can deliver very different results!  – a slightly finer thread, a little bit more sheen on the fabric, the length of a stitch; these very gentle changes when implemented, can really alter the effect you achieve! It took me years to realise the importance of that! Being somewhat impatient and excitable at times, I am working hard at developing that ability to be more and more sensitive to every tiny element.

Lourdes x


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