Tulip Colour and Stitching


Very often I take photos of something interesting that I intend to use in my work sometime in the future.  However for a change I thought that I would use the colours from the tulips I photographed a few days ago straight away and incorporate them into my current work

As can be seen from the above photo, there are several potential colour schemes to develop.  The finished result is affected by the quantity of a colour used, the effect each of the colours have on each other as well as the actual colours used themselves.  The following colour studies show some of the possible colour schemes that can be derived from the initial subject matter.


Here I have focussed on purples, blues and a subtle trace of green.  The transparent fabrics used allows new colours to emerge as the layers combine.  Lots of stitches also help to create colour as they combine optically with the colour of the background fabric they are sewn on, the effect being much like the colour mixing properties of a Pointillist painting.


Here the colour scheme has been kept simpler and purer, by using lots of white with blue and purple.



In the above photos, the more subtle colours of the tulips have been emphasised and as these are contrasting, they effect is more dramatic.


Again the more unexpected colours found in the petals have been given centre stage, creating a more striking colour scheme.  I particularly like this combination, I think that it has a dreamy quality.


In this sample I experimented with some of the paler hues in the flowers.


My favourite sample where lots of fabric scraps have been stitched together, creating quite a subtle colour scheme with an ethereal feel.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog!

Lourdes x


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