My Garden


This is my very overgrown jungle of a garden! I thought I would write a little about it as it provides me with lots of inspiration for textiles.  It has been largely neglected during the last few years as I didn’t have the energy or motivation to deal with it, however this year I have found that my interest has returned and I hope that during the course of this summer I will tidy it up.

I believe that the external world reflects your internal world and I like to think that one’s garden could act as a mirror to one’s spirit.  I think that to grow things, to nurture them and to provide all the necessary conditions for plants to flourish, could indeed help your inner life to grow and prosper too.  A garden at the very least, offers a beautiful and inspiring metaphor for life.

I was speaking to my mother on the phone about gardening and looking out at my green tangle of a backyard, I realised that although it is certainly verdant, there is a lack of bright colour.  I then decided that I really need to plant some flowers that will splash some brightness and celebration on to this predominantly green canvas.  I am thinking of towering plants like delphiniums, hollyhock, foxgloves and lupins as well as smaller flowering plants such as cornflowers and tiny lobelias.


My first attempt to add some colour was buying this little sunflower, which already has cheered things up with it’s presence on the patio.

I am feeling excited by these ideas of planting things and I don’t really know how I ever lost interest in the first place!  Of course a big part of it is that there will be more source material for textiles experimentation and that is always great fun!

Lourdes x


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