Hand Embroidery in the Lake District


My family and I went for a most enjoyable holiday to Cumbria in the Lake District a few weeks ago.  I cannot describe how relieving it felt to escape the city and slow down to attune to the more sedate rhythm of the countryside.  It was also therapeutic to leave behind the usual routine of home and stay in a spotlessly clean and uncluttered cottage! Our activities mainly consisted of swimming, sauna and steam room and trips to various picturesque towns and breathtaking views of the stunning landscape.

When I go away my travelling textiles kit consists of crochet and hand embroidery, because I can take very little and still have lots to work with.  I really enjoy a chance to focus on hand embroidery and if the setting is peaceful, it is a very compatible activity.

I was disappointed to discover that in spite of organising myself far more thoroughly than before, I had managed to forget my embroidery threads! Luckily, but a little uninspiringly I had brought a cream crochet cotton.  I reassured myself with the idea that restriction often encourages creativity so I decided that I would accept the confinement to a relatively thick cream stitching thread.

I wanted to explore the potential of various embroidery stitches in combination with various fabrics, and these samples kept me busy in the evenings.


I must admit that I was frustrated and bored by one colour and type of cotton, but then I do like to jump about all over the place while I work, so it was probably a good exercise in discipline for me.

The restriction in colour provoked me to try other ways of changing the colour of thread by working some stitches beneath a semi-transparent organza.  As you can see some of the french knots appear pale blue.  There is the potential for several layers of different coloured organzas to be stitched with the same colour thread which will be varied depending on the covering colour of fabric.


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