Wilted Tulips


Today I couldn’t stop myself from photographing the tulips which had began to fade in a vase I had in the house. It has been thoroughly enjoyable trying to capture the exquisite and delicate veining running through the petals and the forms of the flower heads as they soften and appear as if they are about to fly away. So entranced I have felt that I am tempted to dabble in some painting and drawing too.


The colours are beautiful too and I may have mentioned before how much I love the way the colours in flowers intensify as they dry.

I haven’t really considered use of colour too seriously in my recent work yet, rather focussing on recreating textural qualities and experimenting with these, while pretty much just grabbing the first colour scheme that evolves as I rummage through my supplies. However I think that these tulips could be a fine place to start!


The tactile quality of the petals is incredibly gorgeous, as it becomes silky soft before it starts to dry and with the richness of the colour scheme is very luxurious. It is like very fine paper, but also very obviously like pure silk.


It is so exciting that inspiration is everywhere and that at anytime something else can provide new input for ongoing work!

Lourdes x


2 responses to “Wilted Tulips

  1. I love the silky state too. Last year I had a bunch that became almost transparent when they dried. I’m curious to see what this inspiration will lead to. Happy creating! 🙂 Jule (The Tulip Lover)

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