Textiles Inspiration: Seed Heads


I really was delighted to come across a set of withered stems crowned with these little pods of wonder as I walked our dog in the very water-logged and bedraggled garden the other day.  Such is the obsession of the textiles designer!  Anyone who knows me well has seen me with handfuls of seaweed, skeletonised leaves, dried ferns… If it’s from nature I’ve collected it! And people don’t always understand where I’m coming from, but that’s ok, I don’t mind being insane in a textiles kind of way! If you are a textiles person or infact anyone inspired by nature you may relate to what I am saying! Somehow just a single petal, feather or pebble suggests a universe of possibilities and these flower seed heads were no exception!


Spring is on it’s way and I guess that these tightly-packed ‘cushions’ of seeds are ready to burst out into the breeze where they will be carried to many different spots in the garden to create new plant life for the coming summer.

This is a photo of the flowers they come from taken last summer.


What is of great interest to me is the contrast between the seeds when they are squeezed together into a ball, reminding me of a congested pin cushion and the fluffy, fibres peppered with green black dots as they separate themselves.


So much comes to mind in terms of stitch , form and material!  For example I would be tempted to interpret the wispy fibres and suspended thread-like seeds with stitches and the tiniest french knots, perhaps even using plant fibres as a ‘fabric’. The effect is incredibly delicate.


When looking at the more closely packed seeds, a thicker fabric is suggested and the surface has a bumpy quality.  This brings to mind velvet as a material, perhaps again with french knots worked within the pile as the velvet nap will separate and appear ‘tufty’ much as the fibres do once the fabric is rounded.


Straight away exciting ideas emerge and I am particularly looking forward to taking some of these characteristics into the medium of textiles!


Lourdes x


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