Stitches and Raggedy Fabric



I wanted to further explore ways that patches of fabric could be joined to make a background surface for crochet and other forms of embellishment.  In keeping with the spirit of my experiments up to now, I also wanted them to look somewhat bedraggled. The above piece is comprised of small crinkled pieces of fabric held together with lines of machine stitching.

In these samples I wanted to look at the different results created by varying the stitch type and experimenting with textural effects achieved by layering and combining the fabrics.


Creased fabrics have been stitched down with criss-crossed lines of zigzag stitch.  The stitching forms a prominent feature when used this way.


Hand stitches secure small crinkled patches of fabric to a foundation fabric.


Delicate hand stitches are used to very gently hold small scraps of fabric together.  This forms an extremely light and fragile fabric.


Different fabrics are scrunched together and secured with machine straight stitch.  I think that this is suggestive of  dramatic,  ‘blousey’ blossoms.  This effect would look best in small amounts, perhaps as an edging or trimming.

Hope you all have a great week!

Lourdes x


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