Crochet Flowers Entrapped by Stitching

I haven’t posted for weeks and I have missed blogging, which I really enjoy.  The truth is that I lost my rhythm as I went away from home for a week and I also changed my focus from creating experimental samples, without too much thought given to how these could be applied to finished pieces, to experimenting with applications in clothing design.  Somehow this changed my orientation, possibly because I felt very nervous about producing finished pieces and I felt little energy for anything else.  However I feel very pleased to return to blogging and I will try to fill you in on everything I have been up to.  I’ve just looked back over my last blog to remind myself of where I was and I was in the process of experimenting with crochet and stitch.  So in the next few blogs I will describe how I progressed to where I am now, which is working out ways to make clothes while incorporating some of the ideas I have been experimenting with.


As well as trying out ways of using stitch combined with crochet, I also wanted to explore ways of trapping crochet flowers, as I like the idea of collecting beautiful natural objects while outside and I like the fact that this is reminiscent of childhood and the curiosity which we can all too easily loose in adulthood.

The transparent quality of the purple organza in the above photo allows the crocheted flower to be seen and I think that the many small stitches suggest that the flower is treasured enough to be preserved in this way.


This is another example of where a crochet flower has been trapped or ‘preserved’ in layers of fabric and secured with surrounding stitches.


This crochet flower has been trapped with a line of stitching which describes the outline of the shape.


The experiment shown in the second photo above has been heated with a heat gun to melt the organza and create a distressed look.

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you have a great week!

Lourdes x




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