A Little Bit About Me And Why I Have Decided To Blog

For my first post I decided to write a bit about my current project and what has inspired me.  I’ve been thinking about keeping a blog for a long time and I was finding it hard to start as I couldn’t decide on how to approach it.  Eventually I thought, ‘you know what? Just get something written and make a start!’ and the stuff I’m working on at the moment seemed a good place to begin.  So now I will tell you a little about myself and where I’m coming from.

I am 44 years old and I live in Birmingham, UK.  I would say that my 2 main passions are textiles and psychospirituality, I also love to listen to music of a variety of styles from the hardest to the softest and I am very interested in alternative living.

I studied Textile Design at university and I chose Embroidery as a specialism because I felt it was the option offering the most breadth and diversity.  I love traditional embroidery but my particular love is a mixed media and combined technique approach.  My first source of creative stimulus is the natural world, but I am also intrigued by otherworldliness and fairy tale, as well as textiles distressed out of rebellion or from deterioration.  My aim is to create clothing and accessories which bring together ideas drawn from these things.

When I try to define everything that I am visually curious about at the moment, I struggle to neatly describe the many things which are providing a creative response and finding a place in the development of my present work.  So many things are exciting and I find that I like to explore several different things simultaneously and see how they can be combined and cross-fertilised.

One of the fascinating things about creative work is when certain themes recur repeatedly, for example I have often found in the past that spirals used to find their way into my designs.  I like to guess at what it means symbolically to be attracted to certain imagery and themes and I fervently believe in the role of creative work as a tool for self-knowledge and healing.

The reason I have decided to blog is that I personally really love to read about other artists and designers creative processes and I would really enjoy sharing mine with anyone who finds it of interest.  I hope to connect with people who love creative activities as well as those who are also involved in the field, but anybody is very welcome.  My intention is to describe my creative journey as it unfolds with photos of my work, in addition I will offer information on textile and design techniques that I feel will be of interest and if anyone has any suggestions for subjects they would like to know more about, then please let me know and if I can help I will!

I very much welcome whoever would like to follow me and hope to get to know you!

Lourdes x


6 responses to “A Little Bit About Me And Why I Have Decided To Blog

  1. welcome to blogging! 🙂 hope you have great time! Just focus on your goal and what inspired you to blog. Some leave their blog because they either lose sight of what their blog is all about or become disinterested on theirs. Keep fueling your creative process by being involved with the world outside blogging and sharing them by blogging 🙂 hope to see your works soon! I’d love to see your textile and accessories design. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your welcome and encouragement! I am already enjoying blogging so much and I’m finding it is helping me to organise my thoughts around what I do, which is great!:)

  3. Really glad that you decided to share your creative process and wonderful talents 🙂 My favorite new blog (next to mine, of course! lol)

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